Damask Wallpaper

Damask wallpaper is decorated with opulent designs that add a sophisticated look to the walls. In a few cases, the style may appear as bold as a big, dark, almost-black decoration alongside a white background. Damask patterns are so graceful that this style has been used ever since, on everything from deluxe upholstered sofas to the wallpapers. Some of modern day damask wallpaper styles are motivated by patterns made centuries ago. There is no one precise design or decoration component that makes it a damask print, although somewhat curled or furled details are commonplace, and the wallpaper may be textured. Some decorations are vaguely suggestive of plants, presenting leafy, flowery or vine-like themes in abstract. We design damask wallpapers so exquisite that you’ll want to repeat the patterns each time you change them!

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